Altamont Community Monitor Committee
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This page contains links to documents and web sites that provide background information for potential proposers to provide Community Monitor services to the Altamont Landfill and Resource Recovery Facility (ALRRF) Community Monitor Committee, beginning in January 2020.  Documents include work samples, permits for ALRRF disposal operations, monitoring reports by others, and technical documents filed by the ALRRF in connection with permit applications.  Some of these documents reside on third-party web pages, where addresses may be subject to change.  Although such documents are generally considered reliable, the accuracy of information in these documents cannot be guaranteed and may be out of date.
Regulatory Agency Web Sites
Solid Waste: CalRecycle Solid Waste Information System: ALRRF 
Stormwater: State Water Resources Control Board Storm Water Program
Permit Documents Related to Daily Operations
Conditional Use Permit C-5512
Solid Waste Facility Permit
Waste Discharge Requirements, part 1 of 3
Waste Discharge Requirements, part 2 of 3
Waste Discharge Requirements, part 3 of 3
Monitoring and Reporting Program
Air Permit
Air Permit Statement of Basis
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
Conditional Use Permit for Compost / MRF operation
Documents Related to Mitigations for Expansion (Fill Area 2)
Army Corps Permit
California Department of Fish and Wildlife Permit
Water Quality Certification
Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreement
Biological Opinion (USFWS) part 1 of 2
Biological Opinion (USFWS) part 2 of 2
Conservation Management Plan
Appendix F of 1995 DEIR for ALRRF Expansion
List of Mitigation Measures
Matrix of Mitigation Measures